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Dedicated to helping you succeed in business, ASAP's Tax practise in Malaysia works closely with you to understand your organization, your goals, and any unexpected opportunities you may have.

Indirect Tax

From Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST), import/export duty, excise duty, product tariff code classification and valuation, Customs and Trade matters to Goods and Services Tax (GST), ASAP's Indirect Tax team can help with your indirect tax needs. We can guide you through this challenging maze of constantly changing rules and regulations to reduce risk and maximize value.       

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Corporate Tax Advisory

ASAP combine an in-depth understanding of issues related to corporate taxation with extensive industry experience.

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To assist our clients in achieving

long-term value and tax-effective outcomes, we adopt a global perspective. Get the brochure to learn more about our extensive offering of services.


Corporate Tax Compliance

The Self-Assessment System (SAS) has shifted the responsibility of tax collection from the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (MIRB) to taxpayers themselves.

To assist businesses in complying with these requirements, we provide comprehensive tax compliance services. This includes the preparation and review of income tax computations, handling of refund applications for withholding tax and providing support during tax audits, including appeals against notices of additional assessment issued by the MIRB.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients meet all their tax obligations accurately and on time while minimizing their tax liability within the bounds of the law.




Tax Risk

Our audit, appeals, and tax control services help businesses navigate the increasing difficulty and frequency of revenue interventions, data requests, and disputes. In cases where the Revenue determines tax liabilities during the intervention, serious sanctions may be possible.


We offer services such as revenue audits, tax control framework and health checks, cooperative compliance framework, tax appeals, settlements, transfer pricing dispute resolution, and tax transparency to help our clients manage these risks effectively. Our team works closely with clients to identify areas of potential tax risk and to establish controls to mitigate those risks, ensuring that they remain compliant with tax regulations while minimizing tax liabilities.

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Tax Technology
and Transformation

Tax technology and transformation services refer to the use of technology to streamline tax compliance, reporting, and risk management processes, as well as to optimize tax planning and provide real-time tax insights to businesses. It involves the implementation of tax automation solutions, data analytics, and tax technology systems to increase efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in tax management.


This service helps businesses stay compliant with ever-changing tax regulations, reduce tax risks, and identify opportunities for tax savings.

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It can be difficult to stay on top of legislative changes if your business operates across borders or in several different jurisdictions. For your business to continue to succeed, it is crucial to comprehend the effects of these changes.


Vat, Customs and Other Taxes

ASAP has a wealth of experience advising clients across all jurisdictions and business sectors. We offer individualized solutions that take into account your needs while lowering costs and reducing risk. Our skilled teams in stamp duty, Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT), customs, and VAT can assist you in operating internationally while ensuring profitability and adherence to local and global regulations.

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